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When / Where:​

jIn 1895 Charles Goodyear made the first vulcanized football.  This football looked more like a modern day baskeball than a football.


When / Where:

The earliest reports of kicking an object was between

255 BC to 220 AD.  History shows that the Han

Dynasty played a form of soccer.


The Beginning:

History has recorded that humans enjoyed kicking an object or ball from the earliest days.  The earliest forms of a ball included skulls of animals,  animal skin balls and animal bladders. 

When / Where:​

95% of the world's footballs are made in Pakistan.  Due

to the unrest in this area of the world production has

increased in China and Vietnam.  Pakistan is known for

having the best ball stitchers in the world.

When / Where:​

Mitre of Glasgow, Scotland was one of the first football companies to mass product footballs. 



In the early 1800's vulcanized rubber was invented.  This rubber along with the use of the pig bladder impoved the football.  Due

to the irregular shape of the pig's bladder the shape of the football

was very poor causing strange movements of the football.


it was not until the 1900's that the bladders became stronger.  The invention of stonger rubber helped in creating better shapped footballs.  The foundation of the English Football league pushed companies into mass producing footballs.



During this period football compa;nies beginning using high tech to produce footballs.  Several of the companies started using a technique call thermal bonding.  This bonding was basically a glue that held the ball together.  No stitching was involved.  This process is still being perfected to this day.

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